Why Choose Diesel Generators


Why Choose Diesel Generators Perth

If you are buying a generator, one of the major things you need to consider is its engine and fuel type. You need to be sure your generator is reliable and capable of providing your power needs whenever you need it. You also want it to be affordable and easy to maintain. Fitting these needs, you can choose between petrol and diesel generators. However, one stands out more than the other and, in this article, we will find out why choosing a diesel generator can be the best option for you.

Why Choose Diesel Generators?

Before making a purchase decision, you must weigh your options carefully. This will help you save money and time, as well as better address your needs. So, why choose diesel generators over petrol generators? Let’s find out.

1. Fuel Efficiency

Although petrol is cheaper than diesel in Australia, the price gap isn’t too far apart. And, when calculating your fuel costs, retail pump prices are just one of the things to factor in. In terms of fuel efficiency, a diesel generator prevails over its petrol counterpart. Diesel engines do not need to burn as much fuel as a petrol engine to get the same power. A diesel engine can achieve an efficiency of between 10.0 and 32.1 litres per hour, depending on its load.

2. Lifespan

When making a huge investment, such as buying a generator, it’s important to find out if it can offer longevity. You wouldn’t want to splurge on an expensive generator with all the extra features only to find that it will break after few uses. Diesel generators have a much longer average lifespan than petrol generators. This is because diesel generators have simpler mechanics and run at a much lower RPM than petrol generators. While their petrol equivalent struggles to produce your desired power levels, your diesel generator can supply the same wattage without breaking a sweat. And, because they do not need to work so hard, less pressure is applied to their inner mechanisms. Moreover, the self-lubricating properties of diesel also contribute to the longevity of a diesel generator. There will be no need to use additional lubricants that could cause its fuel delivery system to weaken over time.

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If you need a generator for long-term use, without much worry about maintenance and repair expenses, a diesel generator is an obvious choice. Even second-hand generators that run on diesel are known to last for a longer time. However, if you can, you should avoid buying a used generator, whatever type it may be. Purchasing a used standby generator might be a lot cheaper than buying a new one, especially a diesel-powered model, but there are no guarantees of how well it will perform and it just might not be worth the risk.

3. Safety And Reliability

When buying a generator, you must make sure that it is safe and reliable. You need to be sure that you can use your generator to help you operate essential applications when the main power is out. Compared to their petrol counterparts, diesel generators are more robust and require lesser maintenance. They also operate at lower temperatures, lesser revolutions per minute, and use compression rather than sparkplugs, which mean lesser operating strain and malfunctions. This also makes them safer to operate since they don’t have that built-in ignition source.

Purchasing a diesel generator can offer a great number of benefits, especially if you are using it for long-term or industrial power needs. However, these wonderful benefits do not come without a few drawbacks. While diesel generators can be surprisingly cheap to run, their upfront prices are more expensive than petrol generators. They are also mostly noisy, bulky, and must be kept dry to avoid corrosion. Carefully check your needs and consider the pros and cons before buying a diesel generator. If you believe that you are ready to face these disadvantages, then you’re ready to make the purchase.

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