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Load Banks – Generator Load Bank

GHASA has available for hire a range of sizes from 60kW up to 1000kW for hire

We also sell load banks in a range of sizes and custom build load banks to suit your size and application

Resistive load banks are a piece of electrical equipment used to simulate an electrical load. Resistive load banks in particular are designed to test the performance of your diesel engine and tune to its optimum. They can also be used to calibrate and test the electrical functions of your genset.


  • Factory testing of new gensets
  • Reduction and reversal of west stacking effects
  • Removal of carbon deposits from light loading
  • Genset synchronising
  • Load control programming
  • “Exercising” of Standby gensets

Load banks should be an integral part of your genset maintenance program for engine longevity and preventative maintenance.

load banks for sale

Things You Should Know About Load Banks For Sale

Power is an integral part of every business operation in Australia, even more so with today’s technological advancements. And, because of the increase of dependence on power in essential industries, so has the demand for back-up generators and UPS systems. Computers and sophisticated equipment in business facilities require continuous and error-free performance despite power interruptions. In this fast-paced and competitive world, companies just cannot afford to have downtime in their business operations. Having a back-up power source is a great way to maintain productivity and prevent business downfall. However, you will need to pay extra attention to your generator or back-up power device to ensure optimal performance. Load testing during installation and periodically is an important part of ensuring that standby generators and UPS systems work properly. To do this, you need to find dependable load banks for sale.

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What Is A Load Bank?

A load bank is a piece of electrical test equipment used to replicate an electrical load for verifying and maintaining electrical power sources such as diesel generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). They can be permanently installed and connected to a power source in your facility. Testing also uses portable versions. Using a load bank is the best way to prove and verify the real-life demands on essential power systems.

Types Of Load Banks

The type of load bank you will need depends on the range of tests and the applications needed to be performed. Before you shop for a load bank for sale, you must first determine your needs and the conditions of your facility. Consider the following to help you identify which load bank is necessary for your business.

  • Anticipated load type during system operation;
  • Distance between the power source and the simulated load;
  • Frequency power supplies are energized and put into temporary operation for system checks; and
  • Type of load to be used (resistive, reactive/inductive, or capacitive)

After establishing the criterion of your project, you can start choosing the load bank you can purchase.

1. Resistive

The most commonly utilized type of load bank is the resistive load bank. It enables you to test a generator and a prime mover at 100% capacity. Here, the resistive load bank converts electrical energy to heat through resistors. Then, the heat disappears into the air or water. Resistive load banks come in different kinds. You can choose them by size, portability, and power range. Portable generators or generators with less than 200kVA capacity and UPS systems also use resistive load banks.

2. Inductive/Reactive

Inductive load banks test loads with a resistive unit to provide a lagging power factor load test. This is through converting electrical energy into a magnetic field. Reactive load banks are suitable for testing motor-driven devices and transformers used in telecommunications and UPS industries and are rated in kilovolt-amperes reactive (kVAr).

3. Capacitive

A capacitive load bank has the same rating and purpose as an inductive load bank. However, capacitive load banks create leading power factor loads. So, capacitive load bank supplies reactive power to the system and in effect improves the power factor. These loads replicate electronic or non-linear loads mostly used in telecommunications, computer, or UPS industries.

4. Combined Resistive/Reactive

A combined load bank includes both resistors and inductors to provide load testing. They have the same characteristics as resistive load banks but are able to go beyond their limitations. Generators with a capacity greater than 200kVA suit the combined load banks as well as generators with a capacity from 1 MVA onwards best. Single or multiple units can also use a combined load bank.

5. Electronic

An electronic load bank is a more superior type of load bank that provides more precise data than the other load bank types and testing. It can perform tests for both average and peak load capacities by applying an electrical load to the power source. However, electronic load bank testing is more expensive because they are programmable. Also, electronic load banks are able to test all sizes of generator systems in any given industry.


Now that you know more about load banks for sale, you are ready to choose the right one for your facility. However, if you are not certain about the parameters of your electrical system, talk to your trusted electrician or a reliable load bank distributor first. Before any significant purchase, it’s very important to know that you will be getting value for your money. By choosing the right load bank, you can guarantee that all your much-needed equipment will work properly, even in the most inopportune situations.

At GenSet Hire and Sales Australia, we can help you determine what load bank will work best for your operational needs and emergency planning. We also offer generators for hire and sale, fuel tanks, lighting towers, and other equipment that will guarantee business continuity through unsteady conditions. Call us today on +61 08 9359 1988 to learn more about our products and services.

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