• Location: WA
  • Equipment: 3x 1000 kVA Diesel Generators
  • Electric output mode: Standby Supply
  • Field / fuel: Power Station / Diesel
  • Total output power: 3 MW


In the vast landscapes of Western Australia, where the pursuit of clean energy meets the challenges of remote locations, a remarkable collaboration took place between PowerLink, a renowned manufacturer of power solutions, and Genset Hire & Sales Australia (GHASA –, a leading distributor and provider of energy solutions to end customers. Together, they played a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted energy supply to a Lithium Power Station, demonstrating the importance of reliability and innovation in the realm of standby power.

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The Challenge: Powering a Remote Lithium Power Station

Situated in a remote corner of Western Australia, the Lithium Power Station faced a unique set of challenges. Lithium production is highly energy-intensive, and any power disruptions could lead to substantial losses and downtime. The station required a robust and dependable standby power solution to ensure uninterrupted operations.


The Solution: PowerLink’s 1000 kVA Diesel Generators

PowerLink, with its extensive experience in power generation, proved to be the ideal partner for this project. The company offered three 1000 kVA diesel generators, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. These generators were designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer seamless transitions from grid power to standby power, ensuring continuous energy supply.

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The Collaboration: PowerLink and GHASA’s Synergy

The success of this project lay in the strong collaboration between PowerLink and GHASA. GHASA, a trusted distributor in the region, brought in-depth knowledge of the local energy landscape and logistics expertise to the table. They ensured a smooth delivery and installation process, minimizing downtime for the Lithium Power Station.

Key Achievements:

  1. Reliability: The PowerLink diesel generators proved their reliability by seamlessly taking over when grid power failed (thanks to them being syncronised against mains power), preventing any disruption to the Lithium Power Station’s operations.
  2. Efficiency: These generators operated efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact while providing consistent power output. The setup by GHASA also allows for peak shaving, increasing the efficiency energy used and reducing costs for the end customer.
  3. Local Expertise: GHASA’s local knowledge and logistical support ensured that the project was executed seamlessly, meeting all deadlines.
  4. Sustainability: The collaboration showcased a commitment to sustainability by ensuring that the Lithium Power Station could continue its clean energy production without interruptions or setbacks.


The Impact: A Reliable Standby Power Solution

The partnership between PowerLink and GHASA underscored the critical role of standby power solutions in industries reliant on uninterrupted operations, such as lithium production. This successful project highlighted the importance of innovation, reliability, and local expertise in remote areas.

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Conclusion: A Bright Future for Lithium Production in Western Australia

As the global demand for lithium continues to grow, projects like the one undertaken by PowerLink and GHASA in Western Australia provide valuable insights into how the challenges of remote energy supply can be met. By ensuring a dependable standby power solution, these companies have not only contributed to the success of the Lithium Power Station but also paved the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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