Genset For Sale

Genset For Sale

Our containerised sets are specially designed from the ground up so that the access doorways are located for easy access & maintenance. Our large 1MW+ units boast separate cooling compartments with VSD controlled cooling fans to enhance performance.


  • Built to comply with ISO3046, ISO8525, ISO8525-3-5-6
  • Bunded fuel tank
  • Remote fuel valves for easy remote fuel tank connection to increase refilling intervals
  • State of the art PLC controllers with GUI interface and remote monitoring capabilities
  • SRCD electrical protection on all units
  • Easy cable connection and entry with perspex shielding to busbar
  • 4 Point Container Lift & forklift pockets for versatile movability
  • Large Range of sizes and availability from 750kVA to 2000kVA
  • Synchronising facilities for simple redundancy and increased flexibility to meet your exact power needs


Genset has a number of units available for hire and can generally manufacture a standard unit in 10 weeks.

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