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Importance Of A Reliable Hospital Backup Generator

Hospital Backup Generator AustraliaWhen experiencing injuries and life-threatening diseases, people rush to hospitals to get the proper care they need. This is why, healthcare facilities should always be prepared to care for patients, even when unexpected catastrophes hit their location. To do so, hospitals require a steady and large amount of power coming from the utility grid. However, the grid cannot offer 100% consistency in supplying the power that hospitals need. More often than not, when disasters happen, the power grid could be temporarily unavailable. It could also shut down due to manmade accidents and the natural decline of its utility lines.

Do Hospitals Have Backup Generators?

In general, all hospitals have to comply with the Australian Standards regarding Emergency Power Supply. Because hospitals depend on steady power to run life-critical applications, they cannot be subjected to long hours of power unavailability. Every second counts when trying to preserve human life. So, hospitals need a means for continually receiving a consistent power supply. The ultimate solution is to have a hospital backup generator that will immediately take over when the primary power is interrupted. Below is a list of the advantages of hospital backup generators and how you can ensure your generator will always run properly.

Advantages Of Having A Hospital Backup Generator

1. Maintain Daily Operations

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Hospitals are one of the busiest institutions, tending to a large number of patients on a daily basis. Aside from those admitted in their facility, they also have patients coming in for routine checkups, lab tests, scheduled medical procedures, and emergencies. To provide adequate service, they use specialised medical equipment, life support machines, and refrigeration equipment that store intravenous systems, medicines, vaccines, and blood. In addition to powering unique equipment, hospitals also need consistent power to keep the lights on, run heating and cooling systems, and maintain communication and security systems.

Because of the importance of their work and equipment, hospitals need a backup power supply that will help maintain their daily operations. When hospitals have a reliable backup power source, they can continue to give their patients the care and treatment they deserve. In many cases, it could even mean saving someone’s life.

2. Recover From Disasters

During unexpected events such as disasters or pandemic outbreaks, hospitals get a sudden influx of patients that require urgent medical attention. And, when things get out of control, a bad situation can make a turn for the worst. Losing power could stump the hospital’s capability to effectively administer the right treatment to all its patients. But, with a hospital backup generator, all doctors and medical personnel can readily provide the correct service amidst dismal circumstances. Beyond that, they will also be equipped to monitor the condition of their patients after a medical procedure or supply life support machines if required.

3. Set Up Field Hospitals

Massive disasters often require hospitals to expand outside their facility. To accommodate a large number of patients, they often set up field hospitals in locations that are most affected by the disaster. These field hospitals will be capable of performing life-saving medical procedures and administer immediate care that their patients need. As such, they will need many of the same medical devices that are usually available within their main facilities. And to run these devices, they will also require portable backup generators, especially when there is no way of connecting to the main power grid. The generators will be delivered on-site for the time it is required and later sent back to the main hospital facility when they have served their purpose.

Hospital Backup Generator Requirements

1. Choose The Right Hospital Backup Generator

Aside from picking the right hospital generator size that can adequately power all critical medical applications in the hospital, generators for hospitals should meet all industry standards and backup generator regulations. Not only does is this required by the law, but will also guarantee a safe working environment. Moreover, a compliant generator will have a higher potential of avoiding downtime and could save the lives of patients and employees in a hospital. So, before buying one, you should be aware of the hospital generator requirements set by the government.

2. Perform Regular Inspections

Maintaining the condition of hospital backup generators requires weekly and monthly inspections. It will ensure that the generators will be ready to supply power when they are needed and repairs can be done before a disaster or emergency happens.

3. Assign A Trained Staff

Staff assigned to operate the hospital’s backup generator should know how to properly inspect, clean, and maintain it. Being familiar with the workings of the generator will allow them to do what’s necessary to make it work the way it’s supposed to.

4. Make Proper Placement

The position of a hospital backup generator is critical in ensuring it will last longer. Keeping it on the rooftop will expose it to various weather conditions. A basement is also a bad place for a generator, especially in areas prone to flooding. The generator should be placed where it is away from damaging elements and should only be accessed by authorised personnel.

5. Have Adequate Fuel

Fuel powers generators and without sufficient amounts of it, the generator will be rendered useless. Most hospitals find diesel generators to be the best choice for providing their backup power solutions. Unlike natural gas, they are not connected to pipelines that could break during earthquakes and cause fires or explosions. However, with a diesel generator, you will need a leak-free base that will make refuelling easier and faster.

Getting the right hospital backup generator and knowing how to keep it working properly is critical for hospital operations. If you are running a medical facility, get your diesel generator from Genset Hire and Sales Australia. Our industry experts understand that time is paramount in hospital operations. So, you can count on us to offer the best backup power solution to satisfy your needs. At Genset Hire and Sales Australia, you get product quality and heartfelt service that go beyond the hospital generator cost. Want to learn more about our company and the products we can offer? Browse through our page or give us a call on (08) 9559 1988 today.

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