Why Choose A Lighting Tower

Why Choose A Lighting Tower From Genset Hire And Sales Australia

When buying important construction equipment such as a lighting tower, you need to carefully weigh your options. You can’t just buy the first one you find and hope it will be sufficient for your needs. First, you need to learn the fundamentals of lighting towers and what they’re used for. Then, you need to check your own requirements to find the type and model that will fit your purpose. And, finally, you need to find the right provider that understands your needs and will help you get your money’s worth. In this article, you will find useful information on how to select the correct light tower and the reasons why you should choose a lighting tower from Genset Hire and Sales Australia.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lighting Tower

Lighting towers offer a multitude of benefits. They allow you to extend your working hours and keep your area illuminated and safe from accidents and crime during the night. Moreover, they offer lighting mobility and a fast and easy setup process. However, light towers come in different brands, shapes, and sizes, and picking the right one can get baffling and time-consuming. To help you make the right decision, here are the factors to consider when choosing your light tower.

1. Fuel Capacity

If you are working on construction projects in remote locations with long, continuous run time, you need a lighting tower with high fuel storage capacity. A lighting tower with a large fuel tank can guarantee extremely long run times so your work can continue as long as necessary. You also get to save time and money by not having to make frequent trips for refuelling.

2. Lamp Options

There are two lamp options when it comes to light towers: Metal halide and LED lamps. Metal halide light towers are cheaper to buy upfront and can evenly illuminate large sections of worksites. However, they usually take around 3 – 5 minutes to achieve full brilliancy. On the other hand, LED lamps may come with a higher price tag, but they can help you save money over time. They are brighter and can turn on and off quickly, reaching full brilliancy at once. If you need a more focused, concentrated light for a specific area within your worksite, an LED light tower will do the job perfectly.

3. Fluid Containment Systems

Australian states enforce strict regulations on fuel storage. Fuel spills could mean you have to pay environmental fines and penalties. This is why, when buying a lighting tower, you need to check for a fluid containment system. You need to make sure the fuel tank in your tower is capable of preventing spills and any environmental damage.

4. Size Of Tower Light And Its Generator

When choosing a light tower, you need to consider its physical size, as well as the size of its generator. Lighting towers come in various sizes. Some can fit small spaces while others are made for wider locations. Make sure it fits into your job site to avoid causing unnecessary accidents and injuries.

As for lighting tower generators, they usually come in sizes ranging from 8kW – 20kW. Check your power requirements to make sure you select the right generator size and avoid wet stacking.

5. Unique Needs Of Your Jobsite

Aside from the things mentioned above, you also have to choose a lighting tower that can survive the conditions unique to your job site. For example, if your project is set in a windy location, you will require a wide body lighting tower, preferably with stabilizers, so it won’t easily get blown over. But, if you work in a stable environment and if you need a tower that you can easily move across your worksite, a narrow body lighting tower will work best for you.

Get Your Lighting Tower At Gen Set Hire And Sales!

Knowing what to look for in a lighting tower is only half of the way to getting the right equipment for your project. The other half is partnering with the right provider that can help identify and supply your needs. So, why choose a lighting tower from Gen Set Hire and Sales?

At Genset Hire and Sales, our industrial equipment experts have over 20 years of combined experience in equipment rental, sales, and service. We understand the hazardous aspects of running a construction business and we can help you by providing the right solutions before the hazards escalate into much bigger problems.

By partnering with Genset Hire and Sales Australia, you can avoid costly mistakes and have the appropriate lighting tower for your unique job site needs. We also offer a warranty and the option to return or replace your equipment if it does not fit your specific requirements. Moreover, you can count on us for 24/7 support, to answer your questions and assist in your technical needs. With Genset Hire and Sales Australia, you can get the best lighting tower options combined with sincere customer service and reasonable prices. For more inquiries about our lighting towers and our other industrial equipment for hire or sale, call us today on +61 08 9359 1988.

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