Load Banks Hire and Sales

Load Banks Hire and Sales

GHASA has available for hire a range of sizes from 60kW up to 1000kW for hire

We also sell load banks in a range of sizes and custom build load banks to suit your size and application

Resistive load banks are a piece of electrical equipment used to simulate an electrical load. Resistive load banks in particular are designed to test the performance of your diesel engine and tune to its optimum. They can also be used to calibrate and test the electrical functions of your genset.


  • Factory testing of new gensets
  • Reduction and reversal of west stacking effects
  • Removal of carbon deposits from light loading
  • Genset synchronising
  • Load control programming
  • “Exercising” of Standby gensets


Load banks should be an integral part of your genset maintenance program for engine longevity and preventative maintenance.

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