How To Setup Light Towers


How To Setup Light Towers Australia

When working on a large-scale project such as construction, mining, or an outdoor event, you’ll have to bring the best visibility around your location. Having the right kind of lighting will allow you to prevent accidents, optimise your operations, and secure your valuable company assets. This is where light towers come in. A light tower is a reliable piece of equipment that provides high illumination over a wide area. They can be moved across different locations. They are compliant with noise regulations. And, they’re capable of supplying power to other electrical equipment that can’t access the power grid. Beyond that, they are also unbelievably easy to set up and maintain. In this article, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide on how to set up a tower light, so you can quickly enjoy its many advantages to your worksite.

How To Setup Light Towers

Once you’ve chosen the right light tower that can provide the lighting requirements of your project, the next thing to do is to learn how to use it. Although light towers can vary in size and features, the setup process is most likely the same. Read the instructions below and, in no time, you’ll be getting the illumination you need.

  1. Place the base of the light tower high above the area you want to illuminate. This will allow the light tower to provide the best illumination and a wider range. However, make sure to provide proper clearance at the top of your light tower to avoid any safety risk.
  2. Set the light tower firmly on flat ground. Remember to block its wheels to keep it from moving. You can give it a subtle shake afterward to check if it will stay in place.
  3. Find the tongue jack locking pin and rotate it to a 90-degree angle until the spring-loaded pins snap into place. Turn the jack handle to the right to lift the trailer tongue off of the towing vehicle.
  4. Make your way to the grounding stud, located on the back frame of your equipment just to the left of the outrigger. Connect the grounding stud to a good earthen ground.
  5. Turn the jacks 180 degrees by pulling the locking pin on the outrigger jack. When the jack pad is finally facing down, replace the locking pin.
  6. Start levelling the trailer by turning the jack handles clockwise. Adjust the jacks until they are firmly connected to the ground and the trailer is as level as possible.
  7. Before raising the tower, you may want to adjust the lamps and aim them to your desired location. To move the lamps, loosen the wing nuts on the light fixture bracket. And, when you’re satisfied with how they are positioned, remember to tighten back the nuts before lifting the mast.
  8. Time to raise the mast! Double-check the light tower cables and make sure they are secure on each pulley. Then, use the winch to lift the mast upwards, while keeping an eye on the electrical wires. If you see any cables in a bad position, stop touching your light tower and call for professional help.

After completing the above-mentioned steps, your light tower should be ready to go! Switch on the lights and enjoy the benefits it can provide. Just remember to check the light tower generator and make sure it has enough fuel to accommodate your desired runtime.

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